Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Styled Bookshelf Inspiration

As you may have noticed, we've been working hard to finish the last of the playroom projects. My next focus has been getting the bookshelf organized and looking pretty.

Here's a refresher of how the bookshelf is looking from my playroom plans post. We've added a new chair since this picture, but the rest is still mostly the same.
We recently hung book ledges, but we still have a bunch of books left on the bookshelf. I am a teacher, after all! Ha! :) I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to style a bookshelf that actually has...wait for it...books. Ha! There's so many beautifully styled bookshelves out there, but if you look closely, a lot of them only have a couple books. Our house is way too small to use up a perfectly good bookshelf exclusively for cutesy things, so I need to find a way to style the shelves while have them pack a bunch of book storage.

Here's some inspiration I've gathered! **Please remember to pin from the original sources.**

I love how John and Sherry did the show house built-ins! The pops of color against the white looks so fresh and fun!

I like how the books are stacked in alternating directions and the layered on accessories here!

Kelly has a great guide to styling bookshelves that actually contain books! I love how she created groups of books by color!

I love how clean and airy Melissa's shelves look, while still packing a punch of color!

via BHG

I love the idea of storing some books out on the shelf and some tucked away in baskets. It breaks it up a bit and makes it look less cluttered. 

Hope these inspired you as much as they did me! 

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  1. Pretty inspiration! I'm sure yours will look great, Samantha! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! xo
    Kendra @


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