Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green + Blue Living Room Inspiration

Darcie, one of my favorite friends ever, texted me a picture of her couch the other day and asked for my advice on how to decorate her living room. I'm a decorating nerd and thrive on this stuff, so decided to make her a mood board of inspiration. I'm also very indecisive, so just had to give her options. 

She's starting off with beige walls and is planning to slipcover the couch. We originally could only find affordable dark colored slipcovers, so the color scheme was intended to brighten everything up. However, last night, I found an inexpensive beige slip cover! I was super excited, as the beige slipcover will really help keep things bright and cheery!

For the hard furniture, I was thinking something on the darker side, like this media console or this ladder bookshelf. I like how they contrast with the light colored couch. 
My main inspiration for colors came from the green and blue ikat pillow on the left. I love how bright and cheery it is! I shopped around and found a few other pillow options that Darcie could mix and match with the ikat pillow. Pillows are so fun and make such an impact! 
For curtains, I found a teal/blue fabric and a green fabric that could easily be made into curtain panels with straight stitches or hemming tape and hung using drapery clips. The option on the far right are ready made curtains that incorporated both the green and blue from the ikat pillow. 
 These rugs all coordinate well with the ikat pillow and can be mixed and matched with the curtain choices. I love that they are patterned, but won't compete with the ikat pillows.
I pulled together a few accent pieces that would work well in the room. I LOVE the painting and really like how it incorporates the blue, but also introduces a pretty coral color to the mix. The big, blue vase is so pretty! It is on my own list of things I'm saving for at the moment. I've been wanting to DIY a version of the grass container. I like how it is a mix of modern and rustic! The wooden lamp and dark basket add some depth to the colors and keeps things from being too pastel. The basket would be great for toys!
Here's a few of the items all pulled together!
I hope that this inspires you, Darcie! The full source list is below in case you like any of the items!

Light Blue Trellis Rug
Spa Blue Trellis Rug
Ocean Trellis Rug

Blue Empire Toss Pillow
Teal Basketweave Pillow
Green and Blue Ikat Pillow
Green Fergano Toss Pillow
Green Dot Pillow

Turquoise Waverly Strands Fabric
HGTV Curl Up Citrine Fabric
Kirklands Grand Manor Curtains

Beige Sofa Slipcover
Media Stand
Ladder Bookshelf

Faux Grass
Blue Vase
Blossom Painting
Ava Tote Basket
Turned Lamp


  1. Beautiful mood board! I love all those seaglass colors!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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