Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

Five things I'm loving lately!

1. My Thoughtful Hubby- Last night, Jeremy randomly hugged me and told me thanks for making our house so homey. I asked him what he meant and he said he noticed the books and succulent on the drum stool and could tell I had spent time figuring out how to arrange it and make it look nice. It was so thoughtful and makes all the effort put into our home worth it. I love that man! He just gets me. :)
2. Park & Rec- I know, I know...we're way behind on that boat. But, in our defense, we tried to watch it a while ago, but Season 1 is not the best. We recently tried it out again and once we hit Season 2, we were hooked. We haven't found a show since The Office that makes us laugh this hard!
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3. Summer Time- I hate the heat, but I love being able to get outside! We've been enjoying gardening, running in the sprinklers, frequenting the park, family walks, and just relaxing on the front porch.
4. Mad Love Lianne Flip Flops- I got them for 50% off yesterday at Target and they are amazing! They are very lightweight and cushy! Gotta have a comfy pair of flip flops for the summer!
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5. BBQ Chopped Salad- I know this is totally random! I've started seeing chopped salad kits popping up at the grocery store lately. I love the BBQ kit! I'm not a huge salad eater, but I actually crave this one!
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Happy Weekend!

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  1. Parks and Rec will go down as one of my all time favorite shows! We LOVE it! The episode where they have a moonshine drink off is what got me hooked! Simply hilarious!


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