Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Most Random of Posts

I'm pretty sure this is going to be the most random post you've ever read in your entire life. But, if it helps you out, you'll thank me. Haha!

The other day, I had a painful case of hiccups and was dying to get rid of them. I hate getting the hiccups! I tried all the old tricks (ya know, drink water or hold your breath until you explode?) but nothing was working. So, I googled it, of course! One site mentioned that sticking your tongue out will get rid of the hiccups. I tried it and of all things, it worked! The next time I had hiccups, I couldn't remember what exactly I had done before, so I stuck the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth for about 10-15 seconds and that worked, too! I've had the hiccups multiple times since and I do the tongue on the roof of my mouth trick and they are instantly gone! Mind blown. So apparently I came up with my own way of curing hiccups. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we have some house projects in the pipe right now that I'll be posting about soon! But for now, enjoy a hiccup-free life. Haha! Told you this was random. ;)

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