Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playroom Painting Progress

I've been busy at work painting the playroom. I spent a weekend taping and trimming at night, then rolled one night a few days later after Little One went to bed. When Hubby and I were fixing up our previous house, we had a painting system down pat. I trimmed and he came behind me and rolled. We would crank up the music and chat for hours while we worked. It is such a sweet memory, and I am really missing my painting partner while working on the playroom. But, dissertations don't write themselves, so my man was in the office slaving away on his PhD. Proud of him and can't wait until the spring when he's done and we can paint together again.

Here's a little phone picture preview...

Left: Picked out the colors! Right: Taping off the trim + big mess. :)
All trimmed and ready to roll! 
I still need to touch up the blue (and take pictures!), then this weekend we're going to tape off the stripes for the accent wall together. My brain explodes at the thought of doing that by myself. Let's just say, it would look awful if I tried to figure out the stripes without my brain husband. Then, all I'll have left is painting the stripes! Exciting times for our playroom walls! :)

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