Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog! I'm excited to have a place to record our latest projects! My hubby and I just purchased a new home, so we have a blank slate to work with and lots of projects up our sleeves. Our first house was a foreclosure that we fixed up and made home. We loved that house, but a new job on the other end of town warranted a move to avoid the hour commute that was bogging us down and robbing us of precious family time with our little one. There are so many times I bemoan the fact that we didn't take before/after photos of our first house. This blog is my attempt to record the projects that we do to our new home...and maybe toss in a few recipes and randomness here and there. :)

And for your viewing pleasure... 

Here's a picture of our first home I snapped on our last family walk around the neighborhood before moving...sniff! It was newer than our current house, but needed a lot of cosmetic work when we first moved in. I'm sure I'll be sharing many stories about that. ;) I still really miss this house and the familiarity and hominess of it--and my neighbor! 

And our new house! It was move in ready, which was great during this season of life considering we have a toddler and my hubby is trying to write his dissertation. The previous owners took good care of the house and made a lot of tasteful improvements to the house which we are enjoying! 

The houses are so different, but I love them both and am thankful for them! I can't wait to make our new house feel more like home!

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