Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Office Plans + Inspiration

Oh my goodness, I hope the weather where you are is as beautiful as it is here in NC! I even broke out my flip flops today! Yay!

A few weeks ago, I shared the current state of our office. It's a bit of a mess, isn't it?! I'm back today to share all of our plans and inspiration to whip this space into shape. My brain is waaaaay ahead of my wallet right now, though. Haha! As much as I'd love to wave a magic wand and do everything now, this room will have to evolve over time as the budget allows. #reallifebudget  But, I'll be sure to share our progress as we go! 

Here's what I'm planning... 

I'd love to add a couple ledge shelves like we did for our living room to the wall above the piano. It has an eyesore of a thermostat on it, so it'd be nice to be able to disguise that a bit. Plus, it would be a great spot to display our degrees. I'm thinking of decorating it with a black/white theme in a simplistic style like Katie from Bower Power did in her guest room. Me want simplistic style?! Shocker, I know. ;) #sarcasm

via Bower Power

I scored these curtains at Target this week for 50% off! I had to go to four different Targets to find a second panel on clearance, but I found one! They are still full price online. :( They look great in the office and add some much needed interest, plus they match the futon perfectly! 

I'd love to make some faux roman shades for above the kitchen windows. I love these from Pottery Barn! I want to make an extra for my front door, too! 

This next one is the last on the priority list, but I think it would be so beautiful! Since we no longer rent out the office, we don't use or have a need for the washer/dryer. We'd love to sell the washer/dryer and add some bright white built in bookshelves to the laundry nook. It would be so cozy! I love how these go floor to ceiling and wrap around the window! 

I'd love to find some inexpensive pillows for the futon. Right now, Jeremy's using the pillows that came with our sectional and they are way too big for the futon. I'm loving these gray and white options!

The biggest project we need to complete is building Jeremy a desk. I love the style and aesthetic of this desk! Jeremy likes it, too, but wants to replace the legs with bookshelves to house the printer and his binders. We've both scoured the Internet looking for something similar to what we have in mind, but have come up empty, so you'll have to wait and see it when we finish! ;)

I'd love to make a mini mudroom at the top of the stairs going into the office. The office is above our detached garage, so he needs a place to store his jacket and shoes when he comes over. I was going to do a basic coat hoot, but Jeremy requested it have a shelf for him to empty his hands while he is hanging up his coat. I love this style!

Of course, I saw this picture and thought that the little bench area was awesome and would be so practical, too! It's more involved of a build, though, so we'll see...

source unknown

Finally, I'd love to build a cute boot tray like this one for him to place his shoes on. I was going to do it during my no-spend January, but didn't get a chance to yet. Hopefully, soon! 

Here's the to-do list: 

-Sell bed
-Get rid of large bookshelves
-Get rid of old end table
-Move cube bookshelf to closet
-Purchase futon
-Purchase rug
-Sell washer/dryer
-Purchase chair pad
-Purchase curtains
-Make faux roman shades
-Replace vinyl roller shades with blinds
-Repaint walls 
-Build ledge shelves
-Build desk
-Take down two upper cabinets
-Purchase desk lamp
-Built coat hook shelf
-Built boot tray
-Modify futon legs
-Purchase/make throw pillows
-Hang artwork
-Build built-in
-Purchase new office chair
-Paint stairwell (see how I painted the one inside the house here)

Yikes, it's a hefty list! But, I think it'll look so nice and be so much more functional when we're finished!

What are you guys working on these days? Any local friends need a washer/dryer? ;)

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  1. I think my brain is always ahead of my budget...and my time constraints! Looks like some great plans, and that desk is gorgeous! Wish I could convince my husband to get something like that!


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