Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why to Organize and Decorate

A few months ago, I was discussing my blog plans with a friend and she mentioned it would be interesting to see some of the reasons why I make the decorating/design choices that I make. It is a great thought and I've been percolating on it ever since and will try to incorporate those answers in future blog posts.

A lot of my choices are for practical reasons like storage and durability. But, the more I stewed, the more I realized just how much I decorate for a general "feel" in my home. I'm not sure if everyone is this way, but my mood is very influenced by my surroundings. Clutter makes me feel anxious, but a clean house makes me feel calm. Soothing colors help me feel peaceful and relaxed. I love and appreciate lots of different decorating styles and enjoy them in other people's homes. In my home, though, I need calming colors, organized spaces, and simplistic decor choices, otherwise I feel chaotic and anxious...writes the woman staring at a pile of laundry and toys everywhere. Oh! Oh! Guess my mood! Haha! ;)

Anyway, I saw this article floating around this morning and thought Nailed It! This is SO true for me. Check it out!

Image Credit: House Logic

Is your mood influenced by your surroundings, too? What decorating style helps you improve your mood?

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