Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finally a Fan

Whew, it's been a whirlwind past two weeks! We've been super busy with family visits and celebrations. But, things are settling back down again...well, at least for the time being. There's only so much settling down you can do when you are 2 months out from having a baby! ;)

I haven't shared much of our upstairs on the blog, but I'll tell you, it's a sea of gold knobs and boob lights. You know you're jealous. ;) Rewind back to the beginning of this year. We were tired of staring at the gold light and ready to install a ceiling fan in our room so we wouldn't have to sweat through another summer of stale air. We planned out when we were going to do each house project in the coming months and scheduled the fan project for May. Unfortunately, one night in April, we came home to find the glass dome had fallen out of the lighting fixture, hit our footboard, and shattered all over our room. We weren't sad about the light, but were definitely sad that it buggered up our bed. Whomp whomp.
 Here's what the light looked like pre-disaster.

We decided to just deal with the domeless light for another month, then replace it in May as budgeted for and planned. Well, in the meantime, we found out we were pregnant. We shifted all of our projects around to accommodate coming baby plans. The fan kept getting moved down the list. Month after month... Until, here we were in October still staring at this monstrosity. Time to get on it already!
Here it is (in the trash pile, minus the lightbulbs) in all of its broken glory. Classy. 

While Jeremy's parents were in town last week, his dad helped him install a squeaky new ceiling fan in our bedroom. Jeremy and I have hung many ceiling fans together, but were grateful for the help installing this time since I'm ginormously pregnant and it was very heavy! The fan is from Home Depot and was actually not that expensive. You can find it here. I really like the dome light in this fan as opposed to the three hanging light fixtures common in fans. It just seems softer and more bedroom-ish to me and not so blindingly bright.

 The new fan is SO much easier on the eyes than that broken boob light, don't you think? Now if we can just carve out some time to do something about those yellow walls that have been bugging me since we moved in... ;)

As a side note, yes, we like ceiling fans. Go ahead and call the design police on us. We are former Floridians, so fans are normal to us and necessary for coping with summer heat. I actually kinda think they're homey. Ok, glad we cleared that up... Haha!

Off to take a nap. Because, apparently, that's what pregnant women do best. :)

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