Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Playroom Progess: Book Ledges

Stopping in to share our most recent playroom progress! If you remember from our playroom plans, we planned to add a couple book ledges to the wall where the train table used to live. We finished them up this past weekend and we're loving how they look and function!
We decided to do book ledges instead of a bookshelf for a couple different reasons. The playroom is really small, so we wanted something that didn't take up much space. We also really liked how the ledges function versus a traditional bookshelf. The kids can take the books on and off the shelf independently. No more messy book piles! 
We built them exactly like the shelf in the living room, just longer. They are so easy to make and inexpensive! 
Be impressed--I even helped build these! Jeremy usually does any woodworking and I do all the filling/sanding/painting. This time, Jeremy started teaching me how to use the power tools. He is one patient man! ;)
Here's the view of the ledges from the door. I'm loving how this room is coming together! 


  1. what a great idea and looks very easy to do as well. WE love to read and have many books to display these ledges would help us do just that so that we can always find the book we are looking for
    come see us at

  2. They look SO good! Great job, Sam!!! I tried convincing David a year ago to put some ledges up in the playroom and he didn't go for it, so I think its about time to revisit that conversation :)!

  3. Gorgeous room! I love the book ledges, I only wish my kids would keep the books looking so pretty.

  4. These are so neat! I envy every one who has these book shelves with front facing books! Pity I got to know of these only after I'd got an elaborate bookshelf made (which is a neat one too , but we cannot keep the books front facing!)

  5. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. The room looks great.

  6. So cute! We have some shelves like this from Ikea in my sons room, holding his books, but they are a bit shallow, so we end up with books all over the floor when he picks one out. I'll have to try and make some, if we decided to keep this look up. Glad to know they weren't too hard to make! :)


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