Hey, I'm Samantha and that cute guy is my husband, Jeremy! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you follow along with us and our home adventures!

A Little About Us

Jeremy and I were high school sweethearts and now we have two awesome kids! Jeremy and I purchased our first home back in 2009. It was a foreclosure that needed a lot of cosmetic work. As we fixed up that house together, we discovered our love for DIY home projects. We love working on projects together and call it our "shoulder to shoulder time". We sold our beloved first home and moved to the other end of the city in 2012 to be closer to Jeremy's work. This blog is my way to chronicle all of our home projects at our new house. Follow along as we make this house our home!

More About Samantha

1-- I'm a die hard Patriots fan. I try to watch games with just my family and close friends, because no one else needs to witness the drama that is me watching football. Haha!

2-- I'm a major coffee head. Starbucks drive thru is pretty much the most genius thing ever. I'll take a white chocolate mocha, please!

3-- I have an undying love for decorating with blue and green. It started as a teenager and lives on today. It always feels fresh and calming!

4-- I love to go on walks and be in water, whether in a canoe or boat or swimming. Give me a lake surrounded by mountains and big trees and I'm one happy girl. Just don't make me go camping. I don't like critters and I super appreciate showering. Ha!

5-- I love reading books. Once I'm in a book, it's impossible for me to put it down! When I'm not reading books, I love to read home blogs or watch Fixer Upper and Parks & Rec.

Photo Credit: Kristin Cook


  1. So happy to have found your blog!

    1. Thanks for following along! Glad you're here!

  2. Can you tell me about your baby gate? I have seen it in a few pictures, but might be the 'fix' I need.

    1. Sure! I had a terrible time finding a baby gate for the top of the stairs since we have banister on one side and wall on the other. I found ours at Baby's R Us, but I'll warn you, it wasn't cheap! I can't find the exact one we have online anymore (it's a few years old now) but here's a simliar one. It can be mounted with hardware or straps that go around the banister. Ours is mounted on the wall side with screws and the banister side with the straps. Hope that helps!



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