Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Minute Fix: Antique Key Art

Hey Friends! Popping in to share a ridiculously quick and easy project for you! It seriously took longer for my glue gun to heat up than it did to complete this project! That's a win in my book!

I found some fabulous antique style keys at Michael's in the $1.50 bin a few months ago. I snagged some up, knowing they'd make adorable art! Then, I started my search for the perfect frame to go with the key. Obviously, that took a while, but I finally came across an inexpensive wood frame at Home Goods a couple weeks ago.

Funny story about that Home Goods shopping trip... My kids were with me, so we strolled down the toy aisle to look at all the cool stuff. My son found an awesome watch for half the price I'd seen it elsewhere. His birthday is coming and that exact watch was on his birthday list, so I wanted to buy it for him. I figured it I waited and came back without the kids, it'd be gone. I had to find a way to sneakily buy it without him seeing me. So, I exclaimed about some cool toy down the aisle to distract him and quickly shoved it into the stroller awning to hide it from him. Then, when we checked out, I had to send him to look at candy so I could hurriedly get it to the cashier without him seeing. I barely made it! But, the cashier caught on quickly and wrapped the watch all up so he couldn't see. Whew! When did birthday shopping get so hard?! I mean, I turned into the crazy mom that thought it'd be a good idea to send my child to look at candy without intending to purchase any candy! Haha!

Anyway, back to the key art. I popped the glass out of the frame, then glued some burlap to the back of the frame. I wrapped a bit of jute twine around the key, then glued it onto the burlap covered frame back. I reassembled my frame and wallah! Easy, fast, cheap art!

What easy projects have you done lately? What's the craziest thing you've done to distract your kids so you could sneak buying them a present?

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  1. What a cute project! I love the texture. It would make a great addition to a gallery wall too. Featured you at Be inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I was thinking of this same thing for my next key project - the burlap is a great look
    Hope you'll stop by the Cottage for a look at my project!

  3. Well, I love me any easy project and this is adorable! I always thought those old timey style keys were so cute but never knew what to do with them. This is perfect :)
    Thanks so much for sharing at Something to Talk About, Samantha!

  4. Okay, this is adorable! Thanks for linking up at the Monday Funday Party.

  5. I bought some keys just like you did at Michael's! A buck fifty and I tied one around a mason jar I decorated with fall leaves, and I love the little pic you just showed. I can do that! That will be a nice little 5x7 to throw in a grouping or on a shelf when I need a filler! I also found a "lock" to go with my big key, so could mount them on the same board in an 8x10, or do the lock on a small 5x7 or 4x6 and place it opposite the key. Glad you showed this idea!

  6. haha! I've done the same, only it was a bigger sized item. So I told my daughter it was for someone else. I love the key! Very cute idea.

  7. I'm sensing a glue gun trend here and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with the Pretty Preppy Party! - Heather http://www.southernstateofmindblog.com/


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